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The Refrigeration Systems E-Series Medium Temp Evaporator Coils – R-404A
E-Series evaporator coils are ready to mount in position and are available with air (off cycle) defrost, electric defrost or optional reverse cycle defrost when equipped with the Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost system. Each is also furnished standard with a properly sized expansion valve and room thermostat. Energy efficient EC motors are standard on single phase coils.

Electric defrost models feature defrost termination/fan delay controls and drain line heaters.

Available models: E1HZ0040A, E1HZ0052A, E1HZ0065A, E1HZ0070A, E1HZ0090A, E1HZ0104A,
E1HZ0120A, E1HZ0130A, E1HZ0140A, E1HZ0156A, 1HZ0180A, E1HZ0208A, E1HZ0260A,
E1MZ0040B, E1MZ0065B, E1MZ0090B, E1MZ0120B and E1MZ0160B.