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The Refrigeration Systems B-Series Low Temp Condensing Units – R-404A
Master-Bilt offers its most complete refrigeration units in the built-up B-series. These condensing units, factory assembled on a galvanized steel channel leg base, are available from 3 to 40 H.P. Because components are pre-wired and factory mounted, field installation time is minimal. Field installation requires connections for electrical supply and refrigeration lines, evacuation and charging only. Built-up B- series units are available in hermetic, compliant scroll and semi-hermetic compressor models, with or without matching evaporator coils.

Available models: BCLZ0280B, BCLZ0280C, BCLZ0280E, BCLZ0300C, BCLZ0300E, BCLZ0400C, BCLZ0400E, BCLZ0600C, BCLZ0600E, BSLZ0300B, BSLZ0300C, BSLZ0300E,
BSLZ0350B, BSLZ0350C, BSLZ0350E, BSLZ0400B, BSLZ0400C, BSLZ0400E, BSLZ0500B,
BSLZ0500C, BSLZ0500E, BSLZ0600C and BSLZ0600E.