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The Indoor Evaporator N-Coil

Enhanced Performance with Payne® Indoor Coils
An air conditioning system consists of more than the unit that sits out in your flowerbed. It includes an indoor section that is vital to cooling performance. A Payne evaporator coil is a great fit for your Payne air conditioner or heat pump because it is built to the same high engineering standards. It’s designed to match both technically and physically to optimize the performance of your air conditioner or heat pump system.

Payne evaporator coils are available in cased or uncased models and include A coils as well as N coils. We even have an N coil designed for use in manufactured housing units.

An important part of your new cooling system’s optimum performance is the indoor coil. We
offer a variety of models to match with the air conditioner you have selected. Your Payne®
dealer can help determine the one that is right for you.

The Well-Built Warranty.
Every air conditioner and evaporator coil we offer is covered with a 10-year parts limited warranty.* This warranty applies to the original owner of the properly registered product.

Run-tested and right for you.
Because we only feel comfortable providing you with long-lasting comfort and efficiency, only products that complete our testing with a 100% success rate make it out of the factory.

Like a car’s mpg, SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the measure of cooling
efficiency for an air conditioner. It tells you how much heat is removed from your home
in relation to how many watts per hour it takes to reach your set comfort level. The higher the number the better, because when you waste energy you waste money.To give you an example, the minimum SEER level for cooling operation in the U.S. is now 13. Payne offers models that well exceed that, giving you even better efficiency

*Warranty period is 5 years if not registered within 90 days. Jurisdictions where warranty restrictions are not allowed will automatically receive a 10-year parts limited warranty. See warranty certificate at for complete details.

Available models for Indoor Evaporator N-Coils:
1) CNPVP / CNPVT (Cased Vertical)
2) CNPHP (Cased Horizontal)
3) CSPHP (Cased Slab)
4) CAPMP (Cased)
5) CNPVU (Uncased Vertical)
6) CAPVU (Uncased Vertical)