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“The Geothermal Heat Pumps GT-PG Two Stage Puron™ Systems
Bryant Canada is proud to make the most reliable and efficient geothermal system currently available on the market. With decades of experience, testing and refinement, our superior products have the advanced technology to deliver optimum operation and performance – whether you need it hot or cold.

The Bryant ® Geothermal Advantage
Throughout Bryant’s historic 100-year legacy, the company has provided millions of homeowners with the finest comfort systems available. Using state-of-the-art furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps, Bryant dealers are experts when it comes to customized home comfort systems. But it doesn’t end there. Bryant also offers a complete line of exceptional geothermal comfort systems for your home.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space conditioning systems available today.” That’s because a geothermal system taps into the earth to capture free, renewable energy.

The earth absorbs about 47% of the sun’s energy that reaches it, storing that energy in the ground. A geothermal system extracts that free energy for heating during winter. For cooling, the system removes heat from the home and dumps it into the cooler earth. This transfer of heat energy is done through a series of pipes buried in the ground, or sunk in a pond, or by using well water. Because a geothermal system simply moves heat instead of burning a fossil fuel to generate it, it’s more energy-efficient.

Thanks to its Puron® refrigerant, the GT-PXU heat pump offers superior comfort while protecting the environment. It features an E-coated coil, microprocessor control and an insulated cabinet for quiet operation. Available in vertical top flow, vertical bottom flow and horizontal, all with optional hot water generator. Sizes 2 through 6 tons.
Up to 4.6 COP (closed loop)
Up to 27.0 EER (closed loop)
Up to 5.1 COP (open loop)
Up to 31.5 EER (open loop)
Two-stage unloading scroll compressor
Variable speed blower motor

Why Choose Geothermal?
Geothermal Systems provide homeowners with a wide range of benefits.
● Savings: Generally, no other heating and cooling system offers lower operating costs, with savings up to 60% compared to ordinary systems.
● Comfort: These systems provide even temperatures throughout the home year round, with excellent dehumidification during cooling.
● Environmentally Sound: Geothermal is a clean, green, and renewable technology to reduce your carbon footprint now and for future generations.
● Reliable: Geothermal units last longer than ordinary air conditioners and heat pumps. Since the units contain few moving parts, they operate for years with little maintenance.
● Quiet Operation: Unlike ordinary air conditioners and heat pumps, no outdoor unit is required. Bryant geothermal units use heavy-duty, fully-insulated cabinets for quiet operation. Quiet, soft starting variable speed blowers are used in many models.
● Flexibility: Heating, cooling and supplemental water heating from a single unit. And a wide variety of models and options to fit most any application.
● Free Hot Water: During unit operation, free excess heat is used to supplement the home’s water heater.
● Energy Independence: Geothermal systems reduce our need to import fuel.
● Safe and Clean: No flame, no flue, no odors.

Key Features
Bryant offers a wide range of model options and configurations to fit a variety of applications. Our
popular GT-PX series includes the following features:

● Copeland Ultra-Tech™ two-stage unloading scroll compressor for exceptional performance,
efficiency and reliability
● Variable speed blower motor for comfort and quiet operation
● Tin-plated air coil for corrosion resistance
● Foil faced insulation in blower section for easy cleaning. Insulated compressor section for quiet operation
● Filter rack with two-inch MERV 11 filter for indoor air quality
Stainless steel drain pan for corrosion resistance
● Unit Performance Sentinel microprocessor control precisely sequences and monitors component operation for improved performance and serviceability
● Double spring and grommet compressor isolation for quiet operation
● Heavy-duty cabinet, epoxy powder coated for aesthetics and long life

Note: Features on other models may vary.”