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Product Details

“The Echelon Residential Steam Humidifier
The model 8000 Echelon steam humidifier can deliver up to 23.3 gallons per day; enough to effectively humidify a 5,000 square foot home. The control algorithm in the unit manages the water level to insure 11.5 amps of electricity is used when operating. The 11.5 amps is the same if it’s installed with 240v, 208v or 120v, leading to an increase in steam produced based on the voltage that is selected. This ability allows the same unit to be used for small and large homes (one SKU).

The Echelon model 8000 steam humidifier utilizes “electrode technology”. Electrodes inside the unit’s replaceable canister conduct electrical current through the water; heating it to a boil and producing steam. This technology allows the model 8000 to be installed into areas which may be impractical for an evaporative humidifier, such applications include:

● Low Furnace Run Times
● Radiant or Hydronic Heating
● Utra Dry Climates
● Crawlspaces
● Attics
● Heat Pumps
● Small Equipment Closets
● Very Large Spaces (High Capacity Needs

Special Benefits:
● High capacities of up to 23.3 gallons per day – A single unit provides capacity for many larger residential applications.
● Easy and economical to maintain canister/electrode technology. Simply replace the canister, usually on an annual basis.
● More efficient; provides humidity when you need it – Operates on a call for humidity. Controlling humidity is no longer dependent upon a call for heat from the thermostat.
● Flexible installation – Can be mounted directly on the duct or remote mounted up to 20 feet away from where the steam enters the duct. This is ideal in applications where the HVAC system is located in an attic or crawl space, or there are other obstructions or space limitations.
● Convenience – Panel indicators tell the homeowner when the unit is operating and when it requires maintenance.

Model S1-STEAM8000T0I:
Residential Steam Humidifi er — For applications when evaporative units are less practical (attics, crawl spaces, closets, milder winter climates, non-forced air heating source).”