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Product Details

“The Echelon Large Bypass Humidifier
● Includes a Manual Humidistat with the option to upgrade to an Automatic Humidifier Control
● Installs on supply or the return plenum with a bypass connection to opposite side of the furnace
● Requires a minimum static pressure differential across the supply plenum and return air duct of 0.2” w.c.
● Water feed rate of 3 GPH
● Evaporative capacity of 0.70 GPH (supply plenum temperature of 120°F and cold water)
● Evaporative capacity on a heat pump of 0.60 GPH (plenum temperature of 90°F and a hot water supply of 140°F)
● Area It will humidify – Loose home of 1,000 ft², an Average home of 2,000 ft², and a Tight home of 4,000 ft²
● Quick left-right bypass conversion. Reversible housing, nameplate & drain spud/plug
● Integral bypass damper with winter/summer notation
● Uses S1-HUPAD35 water panel

Special Benefits:
Manual Humidistat Control
● Mechanical switch
● Homeowner must adjust set-point as outdoor temp changes

Automatic Humidifier Control
● Electronic
● Automatically adjusts set-point based on outdoor temp

Model S1-BP6000MT:
Large Bypass Unit — Larger version of the small bypass humidifi er using the same evaporative technology.”