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Product Details

The Reznor’s Model RIH Gas Fired High Intensity Infrared Heaters for Indoor Commercial-Industrial Use
Reznor High Intensity Infrared Models RIH, RIHV are designed to provide personal comfort heating with reduced energy cost. units are available in sizes from 30,000 through 200,000 bTuH gas input for use with natural gas and sizes from 50,000 through 120,000 bTuH gas input for use with propane.

Infrared heaters can best be compared to the sun in how they heat. On a bright sunny day, you can feel the infrared rays of the sun heating your skin surface. The same infrared rays are also heating the concrete side-walks and buildings. Infrared heating equipment works the same way – it warms people, heats floors, walls, machinery and other surfaces, without heating the air between. The “infrared heated” objects in turn warm the surrounding air. Eliminated are the costly ceiling heat losses and discomforts of cold air stratification that are so familiar with conventional forced air heating systems. Infrared heat assures floor level comfort with fuel savings up to 50%. Electrical energy is also saved because there is no need for a fan or blower.

In addition to the gas and electric energy savings, infrared heaters have other economical installation and operational features. Model RIH, RIHV heaters can be suspended by chains from a joist or mounted to a wall, making them well suited for space or spot heating. direct venting is not required. Operational service and maintenance requirements are minimal due to the absence of moving parts.

Some sizes can be ordered with optional 2-stage heating. The first stage will fire at 1/2 or 2/3 of total capacity. If more heat is required second stage will fire for full capacity. A 2-stage thermostat must be used with 2-stage heaters. Two-stage operation provides fewer on/off cycles for improved comfort and longer life.

Model RIH, RIHV high intensity infrared units are design certified for use in The united States and Canada by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Standard Features:
● 115 volt operation for single-stage models, 24 volt operation for 2-stage models
● direct spark ignition, 100% safety shut-off
● Solenoid gas valve, 1/2” NPT inlet
● Ceramic combustion surface temperature up to 1850°F, capable of reaching full intensity temperature in less than 30 seconds
● Seamless aluminized steel plenum chamber with stainless steel ceramic tile retainer clips
● Venturi mixer of spun metal construction for precision metering of air/gas mixture
● Highly polished aluminum reflector
● balanced suspension holes, 3/8” diameter

Optional Features:
● limited lifetime warranty available on burner
● Parabolic reflector
● Wire grid for increased radiant efficiency
● Protective screens for standard reflector or parabolic reflector
● Heat deflector shield (to reduce required clearance above the heater) only available on 60 and 100 sizes
● 120/24V Thermostat (50° – 90°F)
● 2-Stage heating on sizes 90, 100, 120, 150
● 2-Stage 24V thermostat for use with 2-stage heaters only.
● Stainless steel flexible connector (24”) with manual valve
● Chain (50 ft.) with 14 “S” hooks
● Chain mounting kit (pre-assembled for one heater) for mounting heater at a 30° angle

Available models for Reznor’s Model RIH Gas Fired High Intensity Infrared Heaters for Indoor Commercial-Industrial Use-
1) Natural Gas Fired models: RIHN 30¹, RIHN 60², RIHVN 100³, RIHVN 150³, RIHVN 160 and RIHVN200³.

2) Propane Gas Fired models: RIHL 50, RIHVL 90³ and RIHVL 120³.

¹ MOdEl RIHN30 is not available in Canada.
² MOdEl RIHN60 in Canada requires addition of a wire grid, Option dN2.
³ These sizes are available in two-stage operation see explanation below.