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Product Details

The Reznor’s Model EFMA Electric In-Floor Radiant Heating System
The comfort of invisible heating. The in-floor heating system provides comfort and well-being
through radiant heating. By heating the floor itself instead of the surrounding air, the system provides indirect heat that radiates from the floor up and is absorbed by surrounding objects,
warming the entire room. An integrated heating system, Model EFMA produces enveloping heat that is also clean, cost-effective, uniform, and constant.

Whether it is used for additional comfort or as a primary heat source, Model EFMA is a safe and “green” heating solution that harnesses the benefits of radiant heating, a process that occurs naturally in nature and has long been under-utilized in the industry

Floor warming for ceramic floors in kitchen, bathroom (including shower), hallway, and even staircases. Radiant floor heating as a room’s primary heat source in kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

● 120V, 240/208V, 1-phase.

● Heating cable made of a twin conductor for better mechanical resistance and negligible magnetic field in a protective PVC sheat fastened to an adhesive fiberglass mat with a cold lead of 13’ 6” (4.2m).

Watt density:
● 3” (76mm) spacing: 12W/sq. ft. (130W/sq. m).

● Mats can be 16 in. (0.41m) or 32 in. (0.81m) wide with 16 different lengths from which to choose.

Floor Sensor:
● 15’ (4.6m) floor sensor.

● Non programmable electronic thermostat with backlight (120V or 240/208V) sold separately.
● Programmable electronic thermostat with backlight (120V or 240/208V) sold separately

● Never cut or shorten the heating cable.
● For indoor residential applications only.
● On concrete slab or plywood subfloor.

● 25-year warranty on heating wire.
● 1-year warranty on thermostat.