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The Echelon™ Series Premium Air Cleaners
One Air Cleaner for Your Entire Home.
Whole house air cleaners, like our media and electronic offerings, dramatically improve your indoor air quality — all from one centralized location in your home. Single room air cleaners, on the other hand, can be expensive and are limited to the room you are in. In order to maximize your air filtration, you would need to purchase a unit for each room in your house. They also waste energy, require routine maintenance, and not to mention the increase in your utility bill.

Echelon™ air cleaners are an affordable choice for homes with a central comfort system. These units integrate with your existing heating and cooling system, so they clean the air throughout your entire home, delivering 24-hour filtration when you need it. And they operate silently without using any electricity or producing ozone. Maintenance is low, with filter replacement every one to two years. You also benefit from a cleaner home that reduces allergy and asthma attack triggers, so you and your family can breathe easier year-round.

Available Models for Echelon™ Series Premium Media Air Cleaner: S1-WHM10162505C, S1-WHM10202505C, S1-TM13PAC1625, S1-TM13PAC2025

Available Models for Echelon™ Series Hybrid Air Cleaners: S1-HEAC3000C