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Product Details

The Reznor’s Model RDDB Heating and Cooling/Dehumidifying Makeup Air Packaged Systems
The MAPS®III Series packaged rooftop units are designed to cool, dehumidify, and heat high volumes of outside air year round for makeup air and ventilation applications. In addition, MAPSIII can provide significant capacities of space conditioning. Model RDDB units offer all these same features, but also include Reznor Re-Heat Pump™ dedicated reheat cycle. Re-heating of the air by this method saves over 4 to 5 times the energy used by electric heating elements. Additionally, the system is capable of maintaining reheat even when the demand for cooling and dehumidification is minimal. More importantly, this method of reheat complies with ASHRAE
Standard 90.1. All MAPSIII products feature the Reznor IQ digital controller to fully integrate all operation and external sensing into a stand-alone package or through native BacNet, into a building management system.

Unit Features:
Supply Fan:
● 5,000 – 13,000 CFM
● Plenum or Forward Curve Blowers
● Belt Driven, Adjustable Sheave System
● Horizontal or Vertical Discharge
● Optional Unit or Field Mounted VFD
» Duct Static Pressure Control
» CO₂ Control
» Building Static Pressure Control
● Vibration Isolated Fan and Motor System
● Fan and Motor Lube Lines for Servicing

Mechanical Cooling:
● R410A Refrigerant (Environmentally Friendly)
● High Outside Air Applications
● 3-8 Stages
● Mechanical Gauge Port Connections
● Scroll Compressor w/ internal motor overload
● Compressor Anti-Cycle Programming
● Fully Interlaced Coils

● Double Wall Construction Standard – R9 or higher value
● Hinged Access Doors with Handles
● Easy Access Compressor Section
● Unit or Field Mounted Disconnects
● 2” or 4” Permanent or Pleated Filters (MERV8 or MERV13 available)
● Optional Hail Guard
● Slide Out and Sloped Stainless Steel Condensate Drain Pan
● Local and Remote User Display
● Insulated, 16 Gauge, Downturn or Horizontal air Flow, Full Perimeter Curb
● G90 Galvanized Steel Substrate, 60 Gloss Finish
● Hold Door Open Service Hinges

Gas Heating:
● A Minimum of 80% Gas Efficiency throughout Burner Modulation
● High Turn Down Ratio (Modulation)
» Up to 8:1 (12.5-100%) for 500-800 MBH
» Up to 16:1 (6.25-100%) for 1,000 – 16,000 MBH
● Isolated Combustion Air Intake
● Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for 100°F Temperature Rise
● Built-in Failure Alarm Diagnostics
● Standard Gas Pressure Safeties
● Natural Gas or Propane

● 208/3, 230/3, 460/3, 575/3
● Field Selectable Unit Configuration and Unit Mounted Display
● Optional Remote User Display
● Easy System Integration
» BacNet or Lon
● Optional Phase Loss, Smoke Detector, Filter Status
● Isolated High Voltage Compartment
● Controller Output LED Status
● Test Mode
● Optional Weatherproof Convenience Power Outlet

Dedicated Reheat Pump:
● Independent Reheat System
» Verifiable & Predictable Performance
» Low ambient operation (58°F)
» Lower energy cost
● Optional Modulating control for tighter performance
● R410A Refrigerant

● 100% Outside Air Option
● 100% Outside & Return Air Option
» Economizer Control
» CO₂ Control
» Building Static Pressure Control
» Manual Positioning External 0-10V Signal
● Optional Outside Air Hood with Washable 1” Filter

● Standard One (1) Year Part Warranty
● Optional Five (5) Year Compressor Warranty
● Optional Five (5) or Ten (10) Year Heat Exchanger Warranty