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Product Details

The Reznor’s Model ACUB Cased Cooling Coils
Reznor’s ACUB cased cooling coils are designed specifically for Reznor brand model CAUA series of heaters.

● 3 sizes- Works with CAUA sizes:150 & 200
● Nominal cooling capacity range – 90, 120 or 150 MBH
● Airflow range – 3000 to 5000 CFM
● Coils can be directly matched to Reznor model MASA condensing units

● Ease of installation
The coils are easy to install, requiring no expensive field fabrication time or additional costs.

● Proper operation and performance
All coils include a factory-matched and installed thermal expansion valve for R-410A refrigerant. The expansion valve ensures proper operation of the coil over a wide range of design conditions. Use of an expansion valve eliminates problems such as compressor flooding and evaporator coil frosting that are often encountered with fixed orifice expansion devices. In addition, the coils employ an interlaced circuiting design which provides a more efficient use of the coil surface than other circuiting techniques.

● Design flexibility

Standard Features:
● “A” coil with R-410A refrigerant
● Thermal expansion valve(s)
● Stainless steel drain pan
● 3/8″ rifled copper tubing with aluminum fins
● Painted mated cabinets (model series ACU and model series CAUA packaged heaters)

Staging Options:

● For nominal capacities above 90 MBH the optional coils consist of two independent refrigerant circuits.
● The independent circuit design allows for use of separate condensing units.
● Staging condensing units on the large capacity coils results in greater control under part load conditions.