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Product Details

“Clean air is essential for good health. But air pollution levels inside your home can be two to five times higher (occasionally up to 100 times higher!) than outdoor levels.

Bryant Canada humidifiers help control air moisture in your home. Our ventilators bring in fresh air. Our air filters clean air before it circulates. And our ultraviolet lamps help keep furnace and air conditioning coils cleaner. We have just the right product to deliver healthier indoor air.

Fresh Air Ventilators:
Today’s homes are built to conserve energy with tighter construction and better insulation. Unfortunately, that means your home also traps and recirculates airborne particles, gases, unpleasant odors and moisture in your living areas.

As a part of your home comfort system, a Bryant fresh air ventilator can refresh and revitalize indoor air, removing unseen pollutants while maintaining system efficiency. It’s as if you opened your windows and let the fresh air in without losing your heating or cooling comfort.

Bryant offers a comprehensive family of ventilators to ensure a perfect match for your home. Your Bryant dealer will assess your home, your climate and your personal
comfort needs and make a ventilator recommendation that makes the most sense for you.

Maintaining Your Comfort:
To maintain optimum performance, Bryant fresh air ventilators are designed for easy maintenance. The filters and the high-efficiency core can be removed and cleaned without using tools. Or, contact your local Bryant dealer for professional cleaning and maintenance of your entire home comfort system to ensure years of peak performance and comfort.

How It Works:
This port brings fresh, outside air into the ventilator. A fresh air filter removes large dust and dirt particles from incoming air.
The high-efficiency core transfers heating or cooling energy from exiting stale indoor air to the incoming outdoor air. The air streams DO NOT mix, yet you continue to enjoy heating or cooling comfort and economy. The core also helps maintain proper humidity to
maximize comfort.
This port delivers fresh, conditioned air back to your home comfort system for distribution to your home.
Stale air is exhausted outside AFTER heating or cooling energy has been transferred to incoming fresh air.
Just set the standard wall control and let the system do the rest. For precise total system integration and control, ask your Bryant dealer about the Evolution® Control.”