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Product Details

“The Commercial Heat Pump Air Handling Units (FHP) 15 to 20 Ton, 4-Pipe
Every Coleman Commercial split system air handling unit includes a well-insulated cabinet, copper tube/aluminum fin with interlaced circuiting arrangement, one-inch throw-away filters, centrifugal blower with a fixed-pitch sheave, and a blower motor with a variable-pitch sheave. Units are shipped in the vertical position, ready for field installation. FHP blower modules can easily be repositioned for horizontal unit operation.

Special Benefits:
● Designed for maximum application flexibility.
● Blower modules can be repositioned to meet application requirements.
● Controls include 208/230/460 volt transformer, blower motor contactor and relay, and a low-voltage terminal block.
● Includes two filter-driers, two expansion valves, and distributors used during cool cycle.
● Check valve provides proper refrigerant flow during cooling and heating.
● Supply air plenums, return air grilles, 3-phase electric heaters, thermostats, base sections, and suspension hardware are available as field-installed accessories.
● Designed for match-up with York’s 4-Pipe Heat Pumps or two independent heat pumps.

Available models for Outfitter™ Series FHP 90 to 240 MBH R-22 Indoor Split Sytem Heat Pump Air Handler Units-

1) Split System Indoor Heat Pumps: FHP090 and FHP120.

2) Split Sytem Indoor 4 Pipe Heat Pumps: F*HP180 and F*HP240.”