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Product Details

“The Echelon Deluxe Media Air Cleaner 20 x 25
● RATED #1 media air cleaner by a leading “”Consumer Reports”” magazine three years in a row
● True MERV 10 rating for media element life
● 20 x 25 size
● Allergy protection
○ Removes 97% of pollen-size particles
○ Removes 85% of fungi-size particles
●Convenient 1-2 year service life

Special Benefits:
● Rated airflow is 600 – 2000 CFM
● Resistance
○ 0.14” w.c. @ 1200 CFM
● Filter surface area
○ The filter media element S1-FM201 has a surface area of 78.6 ft2
● Will support a 400lb furnace or air handler

Echelon Media Air Cleaners:
Echelon Media Air Cleaners fit virtually everyone’s needs. The MERV 10 series is an excellent choice for keeping today’s high efficiency furnaces and air handlers operating at peak performance.* In addition, it effectively removes allergy-causing particles, such as dust, pollen, fungi, mold and pet dander. If you need even better allergy relief, choose MERV 13 air cleaners to remove bacteria and tiny virus size particles from 0.3 to 1 microns (10 times smaller than you can see) at the rate of 75%! No matter which one you choose, the particles are removed from the air stream and are permanently trapped in the highly efficient media.
* MERV means “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value,” a standard for measuring the overall efficiency of a filter.”