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Product Details

“The S1-MAC10162505 & S1-MAC10202505 MERV 10 Media Air Cleaner
The Coleman Media Air Cleaner is designed to fit in virtually any configuration in the return air duct. The unit comes complete with a metal cabinet and a pleated filter assembly and is designed as an exact match with your Coleman furnace.

The Opti Fiber Media delivers a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 10 with low performance pressure drop.

Door must be purchased separately: S1-ACDOORCOL

Special Benefits:
● A highly efficient depth loading filter media that captures particulates deep within the layers of media fibers.
● The spun bonded fibers are free of any chemical binders and is hydrophobic (does not absorb moisture).
● A high initial efficiency, the Opti-Fiber Media® resist shredding for reliable and dependable dust fighting capabilities.
● 5-year cabinet warranty

* MERV means “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value,” a standard for measuring the overall efficiency of a filter.”