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Product Details

“The S1-HRV160 & S1-HRV220 * Heat Recovery Ventilator
The Heat Recovery Ventilator System removes stale, unhealthy air and replaces it with a stream for fresh air. Its powerful centrifugal blowers bring fresh air into your home and at the same time, exhaust stale humid air in an equal amount. Both incoming and outgoing airstreams pass through a heat exchange core where the energy from the exhaust air is efficiently transferred to the incoming fresh air. An air duct system supplies the fresh air brought in by the ventilator and distributes it throughout your home. Another duct draws the existing stale, humid air back to the ventilator and then exhausts it outdoors.

Our entire line of HRV/ERV products is designed for installation by a single person. “”Single Person Mounting™”” will enable you to save time and effort by offering you a variable attachment system and maximizing your basement space.

Special Benefits:
● Operating flexibility
● Better air quality
● Maximizes your space
● Silent and economical
● Eliminates bacteria-producing stagnant water
● Better performance
● Maintenance-free bearings
● Easy access
● Easy to clean
● Easy to operate
● No relay necessary
● Reliable and trouble-free
● Peace of mind
● Eliminates risks of error
● Quick and simple to install
● Variable settings”