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Product Details

“The Echelon Model 3000Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner
● Rated #1 overall whole-home air cleaner 3 years in a row by a leading consumer ratings magazine.
● Equivalent to MERV 16, the highest MERV rating achievable.
● Most effective air cleaner in its class, 24/7/365.
◊ Removes a broad range of harmful particles from air, even ones so small they are invisible.
◊ Kills viruses and spores.
◊ 80% efficient on virus-size particles 1000 times smaller than you can see
◊ 94% efficient on Respirable dust.
● Convenient 1-year service life

Special Benefits:
● Rated airflow is 600 – 2000 CFM
● Resistance:
◊ 0.14” w.c. @ 1200 CFM
◊ 0.29” w.c. @ 2000 CFM
● Filter surface area
◊ The filter media, S1-FM501 has a surface area of 72.3 ft2
● Will support a 400 Lbs furnace or air handler

The Model 3000 Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner is designed toclean the air only when the furnace/air handler blower is running, so make sure the ON/OFF switch is in the ON position,
and that the blower is operating before checking for the “FILTERING” light.”