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Product Details

“The Echelon Large Bypass WaterSaver Humidifier
● The technology behind the Model 4000 uses a unique patented water delivery system, which includes a small float chamber, electronic water level sensors and a wicking water panel. The use of the float chamber eliminates the need for a reservoir. The wicking water panel allows for 100 percent of the water in the unit to be utilized in the evaporation process with virtually no standing water.
● The technology and design of the Model 4000 allows for easy installation and requires minimal maintenance.
● Everyone from homeowners concerned about water conservation to those with a septic system to those without floor drains and to the ones with old style drum-type humidifiers can now benefit from the performance of a computerized whole house humidification system.
● The evaporation process in the Model 4000 is unique, as the S1-45 water panel wicks water from the bottom of the panel towards the top, just like a sponge. As minerals accumulate, this process diminishes and to assure good evaporation, the panel is to be changed twice per season.
● Quick left-right bypass conversion. Reversible housing, nameplate & drain spud/plug
● Integral bypass damper with winter/summer notation
● Uses S1-45 water panel

Special Benefits:
Manual Humidistat Control
● Mechanical switch
● Homeowner must adjust set-point as outdoor temp changes.
Automatic Humidifier Control
● Electronic
● Automatically adjusts set-point based on outdoor temp.

Model S1-BP4000MT:
Large Bypass Water Saver Unit — Patented technology uses 100% of its water while having less than 8 ounces of water in the system at any given time. This eliminates the need for a drain.

NOTE: Heat pumps — Model S1-BP4000MT can be installed in heat pump applications. However, due to the fact that heat pumps deliver lower temperature air to the home than gas furnaces, evaporation will be approximately 60% of rated capacity. (With other Echelon™
models hot water can be used instead of cold to maximize evaporation. However, due to the nature of the wicking water panel in the Model S1-BP4000MT hot water provides less benefit.) As such, your dealer will need to take the size and age of your home into consideration to ensure the Model S1-BP4000MT will provide satisfactory comfort and protection through adequate humidification.”