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The Echelon™ Series Central Dehumidifiers
Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your Comfort and Health.
Outfit your home for total comfort with Echelon™ whole home dehumidification. “It‘s not the heat, it’s the humidity”— that‘s what folks say to describe the discomfort of high humidity. Running the air conditioner more frequently doesn’t always help lower indoor humidity. Often, it just runs up the electric bill. Your Indoor Outfitter™ offers a smarter way to reduce humidity with the Coleman® Echelon™ Series Central Dehumidifier for whole house dehumidification. It removes water vapor from your entire home, leaving you more comfortable while reducing air conditioning costs.

How whole home dehumidifiers work.
Installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system, an Echelon™ central dehumidifier pulls air from every room through the return ducts, removing moisture and cycling dry air back throughout your home.

Get the protection you need:
●In spring and fall when humidity can rise but temperatures aren’t hot enough to use air conditioning.
●When excess moisture is more than your air conditioner can handle alone.
●In higher-efficiency, tighter homes when air conditioning doesn’t need to run as long, but trapped moisture continues to build.

Available models for Echelon™ Series Central Dehumidifiers: S1-CD065T01, S1-CVD090T01, S1-CVD135T01